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Garden Beauties: Lewis’s Mock Orange

 Clusters of small white flowers with a rich orange-blossom scent bloom from late spring to midsummer. This deciduous shrub was a favorite of Native Americans for making bows, arrows, cradles, and other utilitarian goods for more details :

Garden Beauties: Dogwood

I saw a small tree ,covered with white flowers,hardly visible light green coloured the leaves Tiny birds was flying around and hides among the flower.The peculiar shape seems to be impact on attracting the eyes. After my walk ,I did small research on internet,the knowledge bank. Found detailed description and I would like to writeContinue reading “Garden Beauties: Dogwood”

Garden Beauties: Rhododendron

Rhododendron : Official State Flower of Washington (Pacific rhododendron/big leaf rhododendron/the coast rhododendron) In mid- to late spring, compact trusses of rose, purple, or white flowers bloom. Its evergreen foliage provides a leafy backdrop year-round. Suitable for sun, it can grow to an impressive 15 feet tall and wide and native to western North America.