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The Breakers Mansion

“The Breaker Mansion:The Architectural excellance of New England region”.The Mansion situated in Newport county in the state of Rhode Island.This visit was preplanned one,booked tickets,searching on internet,packed food,water bottle,chips and etc.This journey was in April 2018.The breakers is big among mansions built in the Newport.

Satellite View:Google map

For booking tickets

Journey always add chapters to our life,expect such incredible one from Newport.The search on internet already gave informations bundle.The photo given along paragragh is a first view of Newport city. I could see ships,cruisers,ferry in blue water.

Front view of The Breakers mansion,Situated in expensive care ground,one side Atlantic ocean.I could feel cold sea breeze and heard chirpping of birds.The front yard was’t overcrowded. We walked on predefined cemented footpath.They checked tickets and scanned. We got two mobile guides with head sets. The breakers mansion received us with her red carpet and audio guide. I felt more crowd than outside. The luxurious hall way gave a warm welcome.

We could see some areas are seperated with ropes,where no access to visitors. Each and every part of buildng was handcrafted,beautiful shapes,colours,silver,brass,sometimes gold.The floor was mostly made of wood,granite,marble. Today The breakers are preserved by a society named Preservation society of Newport county since 75 years.For further reference

The self guided audio trip gave direction,inside the room luxurious look continued even in bed room.There are library,private room for ladies,common dining,lifts, room for servents,underground rooms,heating mechanism,intercoms to call servents etc.We walked through history. Among rooms, some are furnished by foreigners,materials are imported from various countries even from Europe continents

Bed rooms are made with personal choices,like bed room for girl can easily find,decorated with pinky floral cloths.Audio guide describes on demand and tired of her story decided to stop her. Found three dimensional painting on bed room wall. For two rooms there are common toilets and bath tubs and along with dressing rooms.

Another fascinating interior work was staircases,multistoried building comprises a set of staircases.Most of them have shiny wooden handle.

Next amaizing work was on roof.The ceiling decoration comprises incredible hand painted to metalic works. The artistic work includes human figures,angels,small babies,flowers,fruits,birds,clouds and etc.

Finally reached at kitchen,you can see in the following photographs.A typical American one,with oven and all. Not surprised! The most interesting part i loved in the kitchen,the hanging vessels in the middle. My partner was busy on self audio guided trip. Next we entered into small shop,where we can buy souvenirs.

Out side of the mansion was surrounded by expencive care ground… We may continue in next post.

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