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Roger Williams Park: The beginning of Autumn

The beginning of autumn

After a long self quarantine,decided to take a break. All time we do lot of preparation for a travel. This time quite different morning only decided to go out,immediate thing came in mind was pandemic. Then decided to go for a walk in Roger William park,only 15 minutes distance.Since we have been visited several times in last year,husband said yes. Journey started by 12.30 PM.There are lot of things to visit. We put Botanical garden address in Google map and drove in. Since there are lots of information on websites I’m not going to details on Roger WIlliam park but an outline.We went on September 17,2020,just the beginning of Autumn season.

Our plan: A walk along Cunliff Lake and Edgewood Lake with staring point Flora Ave.

435 acre public city park,named after named after Roger William the founder of the city of Providence and the primary founder of the state of Rhode Island,created in1871. The following attractions maintained inside the park with natural ecosystem.

  • The Bandstand
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Botanical Center
  • Temple to Music
  • The Casino
  • Tennis courts
  • Ball fields
  • Playgrounds
  • Public art
  • Grounds
  • Recreational ponds
  • Public gardens
  • Extensive walkways
  • The Roger Williams Park Zoo.

As we drove in there are activities happening in Rose garden and all like wedding photography,family get together. We parked car at Floral Ave. This time hand sanitiser and mask had made space in our travel bag. We decided to walk along Cunliff lake and Edgewood lake. Trees are about to change colour. The car parked near to Aspire tree,leaf colour was dark chocolate.

Aspire Tree
Edgewood lake: A view from floral Avenue

Then from Floral ave to Cladrash’s Ave,where Providence Police Department Mounted Command situated.Two horses are busy in sunny day,one with dark chocolate body,black legs and black shiny hair.The latter is light brown colour bodied white legs and black hair. Both are looks beautiful.

Then we are started walking. The people are keeping distance,good habit during the pandemic.

Then we reached on a bridge,between Pleasure lake and Cunliff lake.The green colour water made us to search lives on with lot of questions. We found one tortoise ,one water bird,and a big fish. We captured photos of flora and made move to next road Maple Ave and then Pine hill Ave.

At Pine hill Ave,heard birds are chirping.We found walkway beside lake and took the path to maintain a distance. Five minutes only, realised we are not alone with same thought.The path was narrow enough for two people.One lady and a boy came opposite us. Some how managed with small slope towards the lake. Star Island,the small island in Cunliff lake was visible from the point. The trees were started to change colour.

Next Stop was beside Temple of music, a white marble building with number of pillers.The building stands in ground on one side and lake.The extensive care ground was not crowed,may be pandemic effect! I remember summer last year,it was crowded but not this time.Now two musicians were composing song at temple. School students are playing on the other end. The road passes near the ground. We can see scattered trees around the ground.One newly wedded couple was in their photoshoot with bridemaids.I found one tiny bird walking in marsh area.Thought to capture picture,like always it flew.

Sudden ,rain drops are falling. I looked husband.He replied we should have hear google and started laughing. We took break under the green wood tree and there was’t option other than a rainy lake view.Tiny sparrows were collecting branches and food for winter. Some of them are hiding in water logged area near to lake. Most of them are familiar.The rain was’t heavy,only a natural break. I was memorising the ecosystem concept,which taught in school days and reached conclusion.This total flora and fauna are depending on water,so its lake ecosystem. We stayed almost one hour under the greenwood tree.

We moved along the lake.I could see a waterbody right to me,named Deepspring lake.This one is small compared to Cunliff and Edgewood lake. An autumn photoshoot was about to start.The people were arranging lake side with heys and pumkins.We took a diversion towards Deep spring . A base ball ground was situated just opposite to Deep spring lake.

There are number of land extensions into the lake,where people used to sit and enjoy.Two lakes are seperated with a land extension. We continued again and reached a ground where people are relaxing . Wow the view was amazing Ducks ! We took photos of them. This part of lake known as Elm lake.There we found a statute of Sri Chinmoy.

Again we continued walk through the dense tree habitat.We could hear chiping noise in different frequancies .We reached an land extension, from there I could see the entire Temple of music building.Accidently my eyes were stuck on tree. White coloured wilde mushrooms were booming on. Oh Almost forgot to mention my birds photography. Lucky day, I did capture different spieces of avian family. Another surprise was waiting in the form of Red cardinal,goodness of America.

Next view was a fountain,middle of the lake.All views are incredible and walk lasted for 3 hours.We were happy.Then decided to wind up and walked towards the car. We crossed small river . Another surprise was a big fish in green water,hardly we could see them. Spend time there too. Finally we took car.

Then decided to wind up and walked towards the car and took public road. We crossed small river . Then a private cultivation field was seen right to me.Finally we took car.

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