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Garden Beauties: Dogwood

Garden Beauties:Flowering Dogwood

I saw a small tree ,covered with white flowers,hardly visible light green coloured the leaves Tiny birds was flying around and hides among the flower.The peculiar shape seems to be impact on attracting the eyes. After my walk ,I did small research on internet,the knowledge bank. Found detailed description and I would like to write some of them on my word press,

The native dogwood grows naturally across the region—usually at the edges of woodlands, where it’s protected from wind and sun. Given well-drained soil and a little shade ,dogwood reaches 20 to 40 feet tall, a perfect size for smaller yards. In late spring, small clusters of pale green flowers surrounded by white or pink bracts emerge, followed by clusters of bright red fruits. I found there are 12 types of Dog wood trees,it’s one among them.

“search never end always goes on” I remember the philosophy.I hope other 11 types may visible for next time.

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