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Birds are back

Year 2020. The COVID-19 restrictions has limited our freedom and made us to sit inside our homes. Nature has taken this chance to reestablish its space in this earth which was forcefully taken by human. We have been living here in Rhode Island for more than two years. Generally we spend the spring and summer season with family or friends get-together and travel. Sharing moments with group is good, but sometimes it will be boring. This time I invested my time in watching the flora and fauna around my apartment community. I witnessed many amazing and beautiful inhabitants around me especially birds. So I am sharing the birds which I captured through my camera. This time listening to the rhythm of nature with my camera is a golden opportunity for me. Since I am an amateur photographer I tried my best to click them.

American Robin

Blue Jay

House Sparrow

Grey Bird

Northern Cardinal

House Sparrow

Common Grakle

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