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Birds are back

Yes, they are back after a long winter season again. They are the harbinger of spring season. Their early morning chirping sounds indicates the end of winter and arrival of spring. They came out joyfully by spreading their wings. Some are alone, some are with family and some are with their flock.

This time they saw a surprise from us. Yes, from us, Human beings! An environment without any kind of pollutions, the water is clean, the surroundings are noiseless, the air is clean and food of organic nature (no plastics).

They also noticed these two legged species has got one new organ in their body and covered the previous two organs, nose and mouth. Indeed, it is colourful. MASKS!

I put on a colourful mask and ventured out to capture these beautiful birds in my frame.

I found An American Robin on the tree.

American Robin:

The colour combination of feather helps them to hide in dry leaves.Sometimes its difficult to recognise from the surrounding. Today found many species in the wood.Some of them are related to Myths and folk stories like Crow,Peacock in India.Spring season and the visitors were made my day during the Lock down.I did a small research on them,amazing.

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