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National Scenic Byway

The Kancamagus Highway, we took a trip to enjoy autumn season. “Highway?”, Yes.Highway with beautiful trees on either side. As usual started late, no wonder.Its sunday in October month,good weather, already green leaves are turned to reddish in our place. Hope we could catch a glimpse of vibrant colourful trees at White Mountains.

Our destination is in White mountain National forest,New Hampshire State,US. The 800,000-acre national forest, comprises more than hundreds of Waterfalls and covered bridges.One of the most heavily used national forest,provides major wildlife habitat and renewable forest resources. And of course Tourism. The Forest Service and Agriculture Department are jointly working to maintain the recreation facilities.

Kancamagus byway is part of mountain tourism. It is 34 miles stretch connects Lincoln and Conway. It took 22 years of rigorous hard work and commitment to complete.

We are a happy couple from tropical region of the mother earth and are blessed to be here to witness the colourful display of falling leaves. This blog is about our trip to one of the scenic route in New England region.We started our journey at 12.30 pm with our virtual guide,Google Map. We took I 95 interstate highway and then route 16 ,finally by we reached Conway. We visited the National park visitor centre to buy the parking permit and picked Brochures,maps.Next we entered into highway. Within in few meters,started seeing the worthiness of this trip. We could see the colourful canopy of trees on either sides of road.We noticed the Swift River on right side and pulled over. We hanged our parking permit on the rear view mirror . We went down to the banks of the river. Apart from us there was a family of three were taking pictures. The area was dominated by different deposition land forms of hard rocks from pebbles to sand.The river flow was not heavy. So like kids we hopped from one rock to another and took pictures. After few minutes returned to parking spot. We fed our hungry stomach with Subway sandwich.Then continued our trip.

The major attractions

  1. Lower Falls Scenic Area
  2. Rockey Gorge Scenic Area
  3. Albany covered Bridge
  4. Rusell-Colbath House
  5. Sabbaday falls

During September and October,daytime temperatures generally range from 50 F to 70 F,and nights from 30 F to 50 F. As a rule,the farther north or higher in altitude you go,the cooler the temperature.

Lower Falls Scenic Area

We parked the car,started walking.It was wonderful,trees were covered with vibrant red,purple,and bronze leave,varies colour from tree to tree.The view from parking lot, mountain in sunset light,shining golden no words to describe …! Lower falls are found in Swift river,drops many feet over smooth granite rocks into a large pool.An ideal place to picnic and sunbath

The October month’s beauty snatched my heart. Journey always gives surprises.I was imagining how it will look in summer season.May be much more than now. My brain got a new topic.Started walking ,first we saw a hut or resting area. People were sharing happiness . Some of them are sitting on Benches and own chairs. The path led to board walk with good handles. Youngsters,children,old-ages ,couples, and our favourite body guards “Dogs ” were occupied their places. We found some place on a small bridge.

The swift River has gifted with erosional land forms pebbles,potholes,rapids.each forms are different shapes as well as beautiful master piece of nature.We continued our trip and parked car at Rockey Gorge’s parking space. Sun was about set for the day.

Rockey Gorge

Rockey Gorge is an easy walk along the Swift River to a foot bridge that spans the river. Amazing place, people are walking on bridge,possing for camera. Children were collecting coloured leaves.We walked through the path and enjoyed the moment.The path ended with small bridge. We took the bridge and walked through the woods,reached a lake,big One. Less amount of light ,it couldn’t showcase natural beauty. returned to parking space. We collected few leaves. while returning,one family was trying to catch photograph. After a small help for framing their happiest moment we returned to car. Both are almost tired and thought to wind up our journey.

The car moved towards west.The horizone was seemed to be a canvas of Artist,with wide range of reddish light converging in black colour.Next three attractions were immersed in Darkness.Albany Covered Bridge,The Russell/ Colbath house and and Sabbaday fall kept for next trip. Only after few minutes we stuck in Traffic block for two hours.That was horrible.On the way found some hiking trail routes and place for camp. finally we reached Lincoln and took I 93 interstate high way. We reached home around 12 am,mid night.

Courtesy : Google Map, Travel guide),,

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